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Agro-meteorological early warning to reduce agricultural vulnerability to climate change: The experiences of PARBCC in Benin

22 avril 2016

In Benin, extreme climate variability has threatened the food security of rural populations, with agricultural yields declining and crop losses increasing due to extreme weather. This case study discusses the need for rural access to agro-meteorological forecasts and advice by establishing an early warning and agrometeorological information system. Through this project, researchers note the importance of using local knowledge in adjusting forecasts and advice to the realities of the region and using local radio to disseminate information in local languages.

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This brief resulted from two projects from the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program: the research project Strengthening the Capacity to Adapt in Rural Benin and the mentoring project Promoting Participatory Action Research through Structured Learning on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa.

The Adaptation Insights series is a joint publication of the International Development Research Centre and the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), supported by the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program.