PUBLIC HEALTH Health problems flow freely across borders: knowledge and solutions should too

25 octobre 2010
IDRC Communications
For four decades, IDRC has supported research across the developing world that has saved lives and reduced illness by tackling threats to public health such as infections diseases, tobacco, dilapidated health systems, and degraded environments.

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Tanzania’s healthcare breakthrough

This scene is one small part of a remarkable healthcare renaissance — one that has put Tanzania on course to achieving the Millennium Development Goal of cutting under-five deaths by two-thirds ahead of the 2015 target date. Tanzania reduced child mortality by an astonishing 40% over five years in two test districts in the late 1990s with a simple top-up of 80 cents per capita to health budgets. Since then, Tanzania has rolled out health reforms nationwide. The result: dramatic improvements in health for children and adults throughout the entire country.

The health risks of tobacco and hookahs

Woman receives malaria treatment in Mexico
A safer way to fight malaria in Mexico

Video of African children holding fistfuls of micro-nutrient salt
The Micronutrient Initiative: delivering solutions for hidden hunger