Ecohealth Interventions for Chagas Disease Prevention in Central America

Chagas disease is a important vector-borne disease that constitutes a significant burden of illness among the poor in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). More than 10 million people in the region are infected by the parasite Trypanosoma Cruzi. About one third will develop the chronic phase of the disease, leading to over 10 000 deaths per year as a consequence of cardiac lesions.

This project will be carried out in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and will involve vector control programs, academic institutions and civil society organizations from each country. It will build on the success of Ecohealth-based interventions developed in Guatemala to control Triatoma dimidiata (101812), a blood-sucking insect that is now the main vector of the disease in Central America. This earlier work showed that it was possible to reduce disease transmission through improved housing and insect management outside the house. This had the effect of preventing reinfestation and modifying the insects' feeding practices such that they switched from human to chicken blood meals (chickens do not transmit the disease).

This project will test the insect control program in selected border areas in the three countries where T. dimidiata is highly prevalent - Copan (Honduras), Chiquimula (Guatemala) and Santa Ana (El Salvador) - with a view to scaling it up further. Researchers will carry out baseline and post-intervention studies at 15 sites in order to assess the efficacy of the vector control measures, and their socioeconomic feasibility. It is also expected that the project will provide a model for inter-country collaboration for Chagas' disease control in border areas.

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Jeudi, mars 31, 2011

Date butoir

Lundi, mars 31, 2014


36 mois

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Bazzani, Roberto

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CAD$ 730,000


Guatemala, Amérique Nord et Centrale, Honduras, EL Salvador, Amérique du Sud


Food, Environment, and Health

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Monroy, Carlota


Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

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