Supporting Research Activities through the Think Tank Initiative-End of Phase 1 Opportunity Fund

This project funding will support two Think Tank Initiative (TTI) grantee institutions in their efforts to achieve their long-term organizational goals in Latin America: the Instituto Desarrollo, Participación y Ciudadanía (Instituto Desarrollo) and the Centro de Análisis y Difusión de la Economía Paraguaya (CADEP).

Creating stronger institutions
The project responds to the two institutions' need to organize and implement activities that will support internal strengthening, collaboration, learning, and innovation. It follows on the heels of TTI's December 2013 call for proposals for the end of the Phase 1 Opportunity Fund. The fund allows TTI grantee organizations to undertake activities that cannot otherwise be carried out through use of TTI core funding. Two research proposals were selected for support.

Improving policy influence capacities
The first project, Improving Policy Influence Capacities, was submitted by the Instituto Desarrollo in collaboration with CADEP. It seeks to increase the think tanks' capacity to produce policy-oriented research and to enhance linkages to policy stakeholders.

The project involves three components:
-Policy-oriented research: The research teams will conduct a qualitative and quantitative study on policy stakeholders' perceptions on access, quality, and relevance of policy-oriented research. They will seek to explain how policy stakeholders in Paraguay use research and knowledge to influence policy.

-Youth employment: Next, they will conduct a study of government and civil society efforts in Paraguay to generate youth employment. This component will be developed in collaboration with the Institute of Economics from the Universidad de la República del Uruguay. They will produce a guide to spur small and medium enterprise development and to increase youth employment in Paraguay's Central Department.

-Policy influence: This series of activities will help strengthen Instituto Desarrollo and CADEP's policy influence capacities. They will hold workshops and seminars tailored to different policy stakeholders to build stronger links between the think tanks and policy actors. They will also host a media training session for young researchers from both institutions. The institutions will also develop multimedia products to disseminate research and promote policy debate on key issues.

Enhancing youth labour market participation
The second project, Paraguay: Enhancing Youth Labour Market Participation, focuses on youth employment challenges. Most jobs for youth are precarious, low in productivity, and lack access to social security. This project will help the government develop better youth employment policies.

The research team will study urban and rural youth labour market challenges over the past decade. They will analyze the determinants of youth employment and conduct a qualitative evaluation of youth employment program design. The evaluation will help determine whether government programs actually respond to youth needs, problems, and expectations.

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Mercredi, février 26, 2014

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Vendredi, septembre 26, 2014


7 mois

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Robino, Carolina

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CAD$ 263,222


Paraguay, Amérique du Sud, Amérique Nord et Centrale, Uruguay, Antilles


Think Tank Initiative

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Cynthia González Ríos


Centro de Análisis y Difusión de la Economía Paraguaya

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Fernando Masi

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Idelin Molinas Vega


Desarrollo, Participación y Ciudadanía

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