Post Doctorate Award on Central America and the Caribbean at St Antony's college

The developing regions of the world are often treated as a subject of interdisciplinary study in university in, for example, programs of African, Asian or Middle Eastern studies. Yet there is not a strong tradition for treating North America, including Central America and the Caribbean, as a region, even though the continent includes some of the richest and poorest countries in the world. This grant will allow St Antony's College at the University of Oxford to establish a 2-year post doctoral position on Central America and the Caribbean under the leadership of Canadian historian, Margaret MacMillan. The position will be awarded to a scholar from the region, in keeping with IDRC's philosophy that developing country researchers are best placed to identify and tackle development challenges.

Projet nᵒ


État du projet


Date de début

Jeudi, juin 23, 2011

Date butoir

Jeudi, janvier 23, 2014


30 mois

Agent(e) responsable du CRDI

Currie-Alder, Bruce

Financement total

CAD$ 195,600


Mexique, Amérique Nord et Centrale, Amérique du Sud, Antilles, Royaume-Uni

Chargé(e) de projet

Allan Taylor

Chargé(e) de projet

Halbert Jones


Warden and Fellows of St Antony's College in the University of Oxford

Institution Country

United Kingdom

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