Canada-Africa Prevention Trials Network : Building African Capacity for HIV/AIDS Prevention Trials

The Canada-Africa Prevention Trials Network (CAPT Network) was formed through a capacity building grant from the Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI). The Network comprises eight African centres (four in Uganda, one in Kenya and three in South Africa) and seven Canadian partner institutions. The first round of GHRI funding served to strengthen African capacity through South-South and North-South Partnerships, infrastructure support and training. Under the new 2010-2014 funding proposal, the Network will enhance the prevention research program at each of the African centres through targeted workshops and training, while continuing to provide infrastructure support for research personnel. This grant will complement the hands-on training with both merit-based academic scholarships for advanced research degrees and mentorship programs, both to be offered on a yearly basis. The aim is to prepare the Network to offer a well-coordinated, African-led research agenda, and to respond to HIV prevention funding opportunities.

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Date de début

Mardi, septembre 7, 2010

Date butoir

Dimanche, décembre 7, 2014


41 mois

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Cohen, Marc

Financement total

CAD$ 1,625,046


Nord du Sahara, Sud du Sahara, Kenya, Ouganda


Maternal and Child Health

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Dietrich, Janan


Wits Health Consortium (Proprietary) Ltd.

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South Africa

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Kaleebu, Pontiano


UVRI-IAVI HIV Vaccine Program Limited (By Guarantee)

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Cameron, William


Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

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