Toward an Innovation-led Development Path in the Philippines

There is growing awareness throughout the world that innovation is the main driver and critical source of sustainable economic and social wellbeing. The government of the Philippines recently announced a national innovation strategy called Filipinnovation, which aims to achieve the following by 2010: a competitive and multidisciplinary workforce competent in producing value-added knowledge-based services; competitive local firms driven by innovation brought about by increased research and development (R&D), and a public policy environment that ensures continuous innovation. The country has experience in the systematic collection of R&D statistics, but needs an instrument for understanding and measuring innovation. This grant will allow the Department of Science and Technology (DoST) to design and administer an innovation survey as a policy tool for measuring innovation and providing internationally comparable data that are systems-oriented, policy-relevant and appropriate for the Philippines. The idea is to boost economic performance and social wellbeing by bringing innovation to centre-stage in national policymaking.

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Date de début

Vendredi, mai 22, 2009

Date butoir

Mardi, novembre 22, 2011


24 mois

Agent(e) responsable du CRDI

Osir, Ellie Onyango

Financement total

CAD$ 200,000


Extrême-Orient, Philippines, Asie centrale, Asie du sud


Networked Economies

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Fortunato T. De la Pena


Philippines. Dept. of Science and Technology

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