Poverty and Family Structure - Phase II

In developing countries, and in Sénégal in particular, the makeup of the family is constantly changing as new members arrive (through marriage, placement of children in the family's care, etc.) and others leave (through divorce, migration, placement of children with another family, etc.). Understanding the dynamics of change in family structure is critical in poverty diagnosis, particularly in the context of current global economic and financial crises. The first of three panel surveys was carried out under project 102303. This grant will support the second.

Researchers will endeavor to interview all individuals interviewed during the initial survey in 2006-2007, irrespective of their current status with regard to their original household. The project is expected to shed light on how households have been affected by the crises and help answer the following questions. Which are the most affected households? Is there more child fostering? Who are the most vulnerable individuals? Are mechanisms for inter- and intra-household protection robust enough to be of any use during systemic shock? Do they compensate for the lack of public social security? And, how could public social security be conceived to protect the most vulnerable?

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Date de début

Tuesday, mars 16, 2010

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Tuesday, février 18, 2014


24 mois

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Mbiekop Ouahouo, Flaubert

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CAD$ 400,000


Sénégal, Nord du Sahara, Sud du Sahara

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Momar Sylla


Agence nationale de la Statistique et de la Démographie

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