The Justice Project in South Asia

As countries in South Asia move toward greater economic integration, a range of interconnected challenges to constitutional and human rights guarantees are emerging. These challenges revolve around established norms, gender-based violence, poor justice delivery mechanisms, and inconsistent legal practices and protections. Together, these factors produce distinct patterns of violent conflict, social and cultural inequalities, structural injustices, and governance gaps across the region.

The Justice Project brings together prominent documentary film-makers, senior scholars, and practitioners to document the state of justice in the region. It will produce research papers and five films in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India on violent conflict and its aftermath; conflict and gender-based violence; justice delivery systems; group conflict, public space, and state order; and land, conflict, and the nation state. These films and papers aim to influence public policy and raise public awareness about the importance of challenging impunity in conflict and post-conflict contexts.

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Jeudi, mars 17, 2016


30 mois

Agent(e) responsable du CRDI

Navsharan Singh

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CAD$ 585,800


Bangladesh, Inde, Népal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka


Governance and Justice

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Mr. Rahul Roy


The Trustees of AAKAR

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