Public Health Implications of Alcohol Industry Corporate Social Responsibility Programs (Latin America)

Researchers are raising growing concerns over the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in the alcohol industry. Alcohol misuse contributes significantly to the global disease burden. It is also one of the main risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This research project will examine CSR practices in the alcohol industry in Latin America. Researchers have suggested that these activities are not addressing the alcohol-related disease burden. Rather, they are promoting their products, particularly to youth. They are also hindering government regulation and promoting ineffective policies. Researchers will assess if this is indeed the case. They will identify and analyze the impact and effectiveness of the alcohol industry's CSR practices in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. They will also identify ways to protect public health. Among other things, researchers will assess: - what influence these have over health scientists; - which groups (such as women and youth) are specifically targeted; and - what impact they have on policy. Specifically, the research will: - identify and monitor CSR in the alcohol industry, focusing on the main alcohol companies in each country; - conduct a stakeholder survey; and - evaluate the extent to which industry CSR activities represent evidence-based policies that can reduce the burden of disease associated with alcohol. The research team will develop recommendations regarding future interactions between the public health community, scientists, and the alcohol industry. These will be based on the survey findings and their evaluation of CSR activities.

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Jeudi, juin 7, 2018


36 mois

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Roberto Bazzani

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CAD$ 381,700


Argentine, Brésil, Amérique du Sud


Food, Environment, and Health

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Ilana Pinsky


Fundação de Apoio à Universidade Federal de São Paulo

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Mariana Cremonte


Directorio del Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas

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Milton Romani


Junta Nacional de Drogas de la Presidencia de la República Oriental del Uruguay

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