State and Community Responses to Drug-related Violence in Mexico

Violent conflict related to drug trafficking in Mexico has had a profound impact on the quality of life and health of affected communities. Nevertheless, there is very little evidence about who these victims are, how they are victimized, and what the state's response to these victims has been or should be.

In the past five years, violent conflict has risen significantly in many parts of Mexico, mostly due to illegal drug trafficking and the government's response to it, widely known as the "war on drugs."

Although everyone agrees that an epidemic of violence exists and is claiming many direct and indirect victims, there is no reliable data on how many civilians have died in clashes between security forces and drug traffickers or in executions related to the drug trade. The extent of violence committed against women is also unknown, as is the number of people who have moved to escape the violence.

Researchers will undertake a qualitative study of six municipalities in Mexico that are experiencing different levels of violence associated with the war on drugs. Its focus is on the experience of victims and the state's response to victimization. Of particular interest is the need to document the forms of victimization that women and children undergo.

The evidence researchers gather will help produce a more accurate picture of the impact that the war on drugs is having on individuals and communities. The goal is to use this evidence to help create legal frameworks and institutional reforms that will allow Mexican institutions to respond adequately to the situation.

Expected outcomes of the research include a handbook that outlines services and programs for victims of violent crimes in the study areas, a guide and training module that focuses on special services for women and children, training for young researchers to increase their capacity to influence public policy, and the launch of a website.

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