Land Tenure Practices and Women's Right to Land : Implications for Access to Natural Resources (Anglophone Cameroon)

Women's right to land in Anglophone Cameroon is subject to two conflicting regimes, customary and statutory. This grant will allow a team of researchers to examine women's right to land under statutory and customary law, and how access to land (or lack of it) affects women's economic status and participation in the management of natural resources. Researchers will carry out a survey and key informant interviews on seven purposively selected sites, and identify best practices. These will, in turn, inform recommendations on how to harmonize the conflicting tenure laws, as well as capacity building exercises for advocates and policymakers.

Projet nᵒ


État du projet


Date de début

Lundi, octobre 20, 2008

Date butoir

Mercredi, mai 16, 2012


32 mois

Agent(e) responsable du CRDI

Thioune, Ramata Aw

Financement total

CAD$ 482,700


Cameroun, Nord du Sahara, Sud du Sahara


Employment and Growth

Chargé(e) de projet

Irene Sama Lang

Chargé(e) de projet

Dr. Lotsmaart Fonjong (Ph.D)


University of Buea

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