India : State of Development Evaluation Report 2010

Anecdotal evidence from India suggests that the quantity and quality of development evaluation is declining. However, there is little if any documented evidence on the state of evaluation in India or of the factors underlying the current situation. This project will therefore document and carry out a diagnostic analysis of the supply of and demand for development evaluation in India, as well as evaluation capacity and quality. Using focus groups, surveys, key informant interviews and a meta-evaluation, researchers will map key users and suppliers of evaluation and explore the quality and use of development evaluation. The findings will inform the work of various state and non-state stakeholders involved in development evaluation.

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Date de début

Mardi, mars 31, 2009

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Jeudi, octobre 10, 2013


18 mois

Agent(e) responsable du CRDI

Etherington, Amy

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CAD$ 119,800



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Dr. Milindo Chakrabarti

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Alakh N. Sharma, Ph.D


Institute for Human Development

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Prof. Kamta Prasad


Institute for Resource Management and Economic Development Registered Society

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