Decentralization, Local Rights and the Construction of Women's Citizenship : a Comparative Study in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda - Phase II

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have adopted new land laws, policies and institutional arrangements to accommodate decentralization of land administration and management. Land is a significant economic resource in a predominantly agrarian society, one in which women as farmers make an immense contribution. Women's livelihoods are therefore inextricably bound to the exercise of their land rights.

This project will investigate how different systems of decentralized land administration and management in each of the three countries shape women's entitlement to (access to, use of and control over) land - and by extension, their social citizenship. The project will also examine how women's organizations represent women's land claims and assess their capacity to advocate for women's land rights at the local level.

Ultimately, the research is expected to influence policy in favour of greater gender equality in East Africa in particular and sub-Saharan Africa generally.

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Mardi, juillet 1, 2008

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Samedi, janvier 1, 2011


30 mois

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Alma, Eileen

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CAD$ 418,970


Nord du Sahara, Sud du Sahara, Ouganda, Tanzanie


Governance and Justice

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Dr. Josephine Ahikire


Centre for Basic Research

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