Gender and Work in the Middle East and North Africa : Research Capacity Building Activities

The Arab Human Development Report (2005) highlights the mismatch between the abundance of qualified women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the high rate of unemployment among them. There is also a dearth of peer-reviewed research and analysis on the subject. A body of policy-oriented studies in the area of gender and work could provide the evidence base to challenge gender biases limiting women's participation in the labour market.

This grant will build the capacity of a new generation of researchers in the region to provide such an evidence base. The various themes to be investigated include but are not limited to the following: gender segmentation of the labour market; the gender wage gap; women's double work burden; barriers to women's employment in the private sector; cultural norms defining work considered suitable for women, gender differences in geographic and job mobility; gender differences in unemployment rates; and the dynamics of labour market entry and exit over the life cycle.

The project will include a research competition, small grants for individual studies, three training workshops in concepts and methodologies, two research seminars, mentorship by established researchers, and peer review of research projects and findings. The competition will target recent doctoral graduates and post-doctoral scholars in the social sciences from across MENA. Awardees will share their research results in a conference. Outstanding work will be published in the form of a working paper series and a book, with a view to influencing policy.

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Jeudi, mars 13, 2008

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Lundi, mars 5, 2012


24 mois

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Alma, Eileen

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CAD$ 551,500


Moyen-Orient, Asie centrale, Extrême-Orient, Asie du sud


Employment and Growth

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Rania Roushdy


Population Council

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