Statistical Compilation of the ICT Sector and Policy Analysis

As the presence and influence of information and communication technologies (ICTs) continues to widen and deepen, so too does its impact on economic development. However, much work needs to be done before the linkages between economic development and ICTs can be understood in a systematic and meaningful manner.

This project consists of a cross-regional capacity building initiative in support of the development and adoption of standardized definitions and measurement protocol by national statistical offices (NSOs) in developing countries. The project is designed to expand the scope of conventional investigation beyond the telecommunications industry to include other vertically integrated components of the ICT sector such as manufacturing and services.

The outcomes of such efforts will subsequently inform policy discourse and evidence-based action at different levels.

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Jeudi, juillet 24, 2008

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Mardi, janvier 24, 2012


36 mois

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Fourati, Khaled

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CAD$ 997,620


Nord du Sahara, Sud du Sahara, Amérique Nord et Centrale, Amérique du Sud, Asie centrale, Extrême-Orient, Asie du sud

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Pierre Giguère


ORBICOM: The Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communications

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