Capability, Governance and Nanotechnology : Focus on India

Nanotechnology is the study and manipulation of matter on an ultra-small scale, generally in the range of 1-100 nanometres (1 metre = 1 billion nanometres). Like biotechnology, nanotechnology has the potential to bring huge benefits to the poor, but also huge costs.

Focusing on India, this project will examine the capabilities needed by developing country policymakers, industry and civil society to engage in the debate on and respond to the challenges of nanotechnology.

In addition to the Indian study, a global study will be carried out in collaboration with the Meridian Institute through its "Global Dialogue on Nanotechnology and the Poor," funded with support from IDRC under project 102797. The analysis of global developments will inform the case study, and the insights from the case study will inform the global debate.

The overall goal is to prepare the country to optimize the benefits while minimizing the risks of nanotechnology.

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Date de début

Dimanche, avril 1, 2007

Date butoir

Mercredi, juillet 21, 2010


36 mois

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Ravichandran, Ms. Veena

Financement total

CAD$ 496,500


Asie du sud, Asie centrale, Extrême-Orient, Inde


Networked Economies

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Dr Ligia Noronha


Energy and Resources Institute

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