Public Accountability Institutions in Pakistan and their Macroeconomic Impacts

Corruption is the single most important impediment to governance and the functioning of the economy in Pakistan.

This project will elucidate the root causes of corruption through an examination of the origin and evolution of public accountability institutions, and the factors contributing to their failures and/or successes. It is expected that the research will provide insight into the relationship between public accountability, macroeconomic policy, economic development and poverty reduction.

The results will be disseminated to decision-makers and policymakers involved in institutional reform in Pakistan, and to accountability experts in the nation and the region.

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Date de début

Vendredi, mai 12, 2006

Date butoir

Mercredi, février 11, 2009


24 mois

Agent(e) responsable du CRDI

Due, Evan

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CAD$ 296,600


Asie centrale, Extrême-Orient, Asie du sud, Pakistan


Employment and Growth

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Daniyal Aziz


Ahmed Hassan Foundation

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