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CDKN Knowledge accelerator for climate compatible development: Operating costs for capacity building

This operational project will support the implementation of the Knowledge Accelerator for Climate Compatible Development project (#108754) by covering the operational costs including salaries and benefits, travel, and office costs. The Knowledge Accelerator project is funded through a partnership between the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) in the Netherlands and the IDRC created in 2018 to a 3 year, joint CA$ 12,120,000 initiative that will be implemented by South South North (SSN), a South African based not-for-profit organization. The Knowledge Accelerator project will consolidate and further grow the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), to broker practical and tailored knowledge on climate and development for its use and application in decision making in the Global South. It aims to create an enabling environment for implementation and scaling of climate and development actions. The country-level work will focus on 9 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. This desired overall long-term impact of the Knowledge Accelerator programme is for key actors in developing countries, and those working at global and regional levels, to make more robust and informed decisions that enhance climate resilient low carbon development at scale in ways that benefit poor and vulnerable women and men.

The objective of this operational project is to support and assure the delivery of the Knowledge Accelerator programme (#108754) and the organizational development of CDKN. The project covers the operational costs of a full time senior program officer and the travel and office costs associated with that programme’s delivery. The staff member, based in Ottawa, will be responsible for project oversight, capacity support to partners and monitoring.

Project ID
Project Status
35 months
IDRC Officer
Bruce Currie-Alder
Total Funding
CA$ 605,485.00
South America
South Asia
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Climate and Development Knowledge Network