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Policy research institutions and the health SDGs: Scoping SDG governance arrangements across Latin America

This project is one of four pilots exploring the feasibility of a Think Heath Initiative, a prospective program that would support evidence-based policy engagement on the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The project aims to energize Latin American participation in the international Think_SDG network by supporting the Brazil-based FioCruz’s efforts to consolidate a Latin American network hub. The network hub, which first emerged during a consultation hosted by FioCruz, IDRC and the Graduate Institute in October 2016, will network and collaborate through a web-based platform that will be designed, hosted, and managed by FioCruz. It will feature member information, blogs, capacity building resources, links to online courses and links to social media.

The project also aims to produce two regional scoping studies exploring health and SDG governance in Latin America. The two scoping studies will promote stakeholder inclusion and engagement around health and the SDGs in Latin America while providing a basis for informing the design of the Think Health Initiative.

For the first study, FioCruz will scope, describe, and compare the national-level institutional arrangements for SDG implementation and monitoring that are being created across South and Central American countries. It will focus, as a first step, on the twelve Latin American countries that have volunteered to present country SDG reports to the High-Level Political Forum on the SDGs in July 2017. For the second study, FioCruz will document existing experiences of intersectoral collaboration for health in Latin America. Both scoping studies will be published in peer-reviewed articles published in the Global Health Governance journal and British Medical Journal, respectively.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
10 months
IDRC Officer
Shannon Sutton
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CA$ 130,700.00
South America
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Fundaçao Oswaldo Cruz- FIOCRUZ