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TTI Phase 2 Institutional Support: The Institute of Economic Affairs, Ghana

This funding will help strengthen the Institute of Economic Affairs' (IEA-Ghana) role as a credible public policy institution by enhancing its ability to provide high-quality, influential, and policy-relevant research.

About the Institute of Economic Affairs
IEA-Ghana seeks to broaden the debate on public policy, facilitate private sector-led economic growth, and strengthen democracy. Its mission is to promote good governance, democracy, and a free and fair market economy in Ghana and in Africa. IEA-Ghana believes the creation of an environment in which economic, social, political, and legal institutions function openly and freely is the key to attaining sustainable economic growth and human development. It receives its funding from the Think Tank Initiative (TTI).

Support to developing-country think tanks
TTI is a multi-funder program dedicated to strengthening independent policy research institutions, or think tanks, in developing countries. The program aims to enhance their ability to provide sound research that informs and influences policy.

This second TTI phase (2014?2019) will fund 43 institutions. This will help them consolidate their role as credible development actors in their countries, and in some cases, regionally and internationally. For IEA-Ghana, this project will help enhance its research quality, organizational performance, and policy engagement.

Research, policy influence, performance
Through this support over the next 4.5 years, IEA-Ghana is expected to
-enhance its research capacity with in-house senior and junior researchers
-strengthen the quality and quantity of policy-oriented research through quality assurance tools
-expand its alternative sources of core funding through an endowment fund
-develop capacity for outreach, communications, and advocacy activities

Identificador del Proyecto
Estado de Proyecto
Fecha de finalización
54 months
Funcionario del IDRC
Flaubert Mbiekop
Total del financiamiento
CA$ 2,283,808.00
Think Tank Initiative
Think Tank Initiative
País de la Institución
Líder del proyecto
Mrs Jean Mensa
The Institute of Economic Affairs