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$6.3 million announced for new LVIF research on women’s empowerment

21 de Mayo de 2019
Four new research projects will work to empower women in the livestock vaccine value chain

The Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund (LVIF) is pleased to announce CA$6.3 million in research funding for four new projects.

Livestock vaccine research for development has predominantly focused on the technical aspects of vaccine development, distribution, and adoption. There have been many successes in these areas, but few women have enjoyed the benefits of this research. Social, cultural, and economic factors have contributed to gender inequalities that limit women’s agricultural and livestock productivity.

The new LVIF-funded research projects focus on empowering women so that they can fully benefit from livestock vaccines as users, as entrepreneurs, and as service providers. The research will target women’s participation in the livestock vaccine distribution and delivery chain with a focus on how women can increase their livestock productivity while improving household food security.

LVIF is supported with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Affairs Canada, and IDRC. It represents a joint investment of CA$57 million over seven years (2015-2022) to support the development, production, and commercialization of innovative vaccines against priority livestock diseases in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. To date, 19 projects on vaccine development, manufacturing, and delivery have been funded, for a combined total of CA$24.9 million.

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