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Manager, People Solutions

Job Summary

As the Manager, People Solutions, you will be responsible for the delivery of integrated human resources business solutions to managers and employees while ensuring alignment with and support of IDRC’s strategic objectives and business plans. You will have the opportunity to apply your skills within a small organization with an international mandate and presence, including 5 regional offices across the globe.

You will be a full member of the Division’s management team and will participate in key strategic and operational discussions and decisions on human resources issues, priorities, systems, processes, and performance indicators.

You will direct and manage a team of skilled professionals delivering first-line HR services within a portfolio approach. Your primary objective will be to add value to business-line clients while ensuring that best practices are consistently applied across the Centre. In collaboration with PCC’s Centres of Expertise in Global Compensation, Talent Management Solutions, and Labour & Employee Relations, you will be responsible for managing front-line support in the following talent management areas: talent acquisition, strategic workforce planning, job classification and organizational design, employee relations, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, official languages and employment equity. In addition, you will act as Chief of Staffing in the organization and make authoritative decisions on employment offers.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Corporate HR Management (Strategy and Planning):

• Participate as a member of the Human Resources management team in the development of the Division’s policies, guidelines, standards, and strategies to guide senior management at Head Office and in the Regions in conducting human resources activities.
• Work with the Director Human Resources, Manager, Global Compensation and Manager Employee and Labour Relations to develop objectives, set priorities and plans for the Division and contribute to corporate HR monitoring and reporting.
• Provide corporate HR leadership with regards to strategy, policy, design, development, implementation and continuous improvement of the areas related to the mandate of the work unit, ensuring that the frameworks, policies and practices align with and support the achievement of IDRC’s strategic objectives and business plans including HR’s Implementation Plan.
• Provide strategic advice to senior management on various HR management disciplines related to the mandate of the work unit.
• Responsible for designated formal HR authorities in the organization as determined in the HR authority matrix.
• Responsible for the execution of the HR Implementation Plan which may include leading certain related work unit projects under this plan.
• Contribute to the union/management relationship by bringing expertise to the collective bargainning process in areas such as talent management, learning and professionnal development, official languages and employment equity.
• Maintain a close relationship with the Controller, Regional Operations to be kept up-to-date on any changes on local labour laws that could impact on working conditions of locally-engaged staff in the regions where IDRC is present. Analyze these changes and make recommendations on their implementation.

Managerial Responsibilities:

• Manage a team of 3 People Solutions Partners, produce objectives and annual work plans to ensure that the team works towards shared objectives, plan and assign work and priorities, monitor progress as well as manage hiring, orientation, professional development and manage performance and address employee relations issues.

HR Business Solutions Delivery:

• Set direction and standards for delivery of integrated Business Solutions at IDRC based on a sound understanding of client and organizational needs.
• Plan, manage and report on the delivery of integrated Business Solutions to internal clients and ensure alignment with IDRC’s strategic objective and business plans and the HR Implementation Plan.
• Develop, implement and maintain an efficient delivery of Business Solutions to clients by ensuring HR plans are developed with clients and strategic and operational services are available to implement them.
• Manage the application of the talent management strategy to define roles and required competencies in the day-to-day operations of various HR processes (talent acquisition, talent development, performance assessment, etc.)
• Manage the provision of information to employees and managers with regards to compensation and benefits and various life-events.
• Work closely with HR Specialists in resolving complex issues and developing strategies, policies and tools that meet client needs and streamline HR processes.
• Establish a system of continuous learning in order to share expertise between all team members.
• Guide HR Business Partners in providing advice to managers and employees on various issues in the workplace and work in cooperation with HR Specialists on more complex issues leading to disciplinary issues or termination.
• Encourage an informal conflict management approach to resolve issues in the organization by developing capacity in the team to facilitate and mediate conflicts.
• Liaise and advise the Controller, Regional Operations on HR topics and processes in Regional Offices.
• Ensure a sound application of the provisions of the collective agreement and HR policies in the organization.

Talent Management:

• Lead the development and implementation of the talent management strategy throughout IDRC, working closely with the Talent Management Specialist.
• Lead talent acquisition services for IDRC by acting as Chief of Staffing,  having the signing authority on all staffing actions in the organization and managing issues related to these areas.
• Oversee learning strategies, provide direction and oversee the identification of learning priorities and the implementation of learning and professionnal development strategies by ensuring sound learning needs identification exercises are conducted and onboarding, professional development and training activities are offered within the organization to close learning gaps.
• Manage the Centre-wide training and the language training budgets and supervise the development of contracts with consultants working closely with the Learning and Development Officer.
• Oversee the employee reward and recognition program.

Official Languages and Employment Equity:

• Manage the development of strategies and reporting in regards to legislative requirements on official languages, employment equity and multiculturalism.
• Manage the Official Languages and Employment Equity Programs in the organization by developing and implementing recruitment and staffing strategies and tools aiming at ensuring that the organization meets its obligations in these areas and that IDRC maintains its diversity in the workforce.
• In cooperation with Talent Management Specialist and Learning and Development Officer, manage any promotional activities or issues and complaints on these areas.



8 HR professionals offering Human resources management services to client portfolios in the following HR fields: Talent Acquisition (staffing and recruitment), Employee Relations and Performance Management, Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Official Languages and Employment Equity.

Students and casual workers.


Oversees the work of service providers in areas such as talent acquisition and talent development.

Job Scope

The Manager, HR Business Solutions is responsible for the delivery of integrated HR services to all managers and employees in Ottawa and regional offices within a portfolio approach.

The incumbent of the position is an active member of the HR Division’s management team.  As part of this function, the incumbent actively participates in the establishment of priorities for the HR Division and in the development and implementation of the strategic direction of the division by playing a key role in medium to long term planning and decision-making. This includes establishing priorities for his/her team, determining the allocation of financial and human resources, performance management, etc. In regards to human resources management, the incumbent has full authorities delegated to managers of the Centre as per the Human Resources Authority Matrix, and is responsible for developing job descriptions, selecting suitable candidates, making hiring decisions, confirming completion of probation or making effective recommendations of rejection of an employee during the probationary period. The Manager, HR Business Solutions sets work objectives and manages employee performance, including issuing verbal and written disciplinary measures.

The Manager is required to manage, carry out, and oversee numerous activities and projects simultaneously as well as contributing to the strategic direction, the mission statement and the vision of the Centre’s human resources by playing a key role in finding creative solutions to operational and strategic HRM issues. The impact of his/her actions and decisions are at the corporate level when advising senior managers on strategic programs and services such as how to attract and retain talent in the organization.

The Manager, HR Business Solutions also manages complex and sensitive performance management and talent management issues that may impact on the organizational capacity to maintain a productive workplace environment. The incumbent has signing authority for expenses within the HR Division as well as corporate signing authority on staffing and job classification.