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Expert Talks: Understanding civil registration and vital statistics systems

13 de Septiembre de 2017

Photo credit: World Bank / Mohammad Al-Arief

This video series features interviews with civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems experts from around the world.

  • What are CRVS systems and why do they matter?
  • How can we enhance and improve them for better results?
  • And what can we learn from other countries’ experiences?

Our video series explores all these questions—and offers valuable insights.

About CRVS systems

Find out more about CRVS systems, how they function, and why they are so important to both individuals and government in this series of interviews.

This interview with Srdjan Mrkić, an expert at the United Nations Statistics Division, explains CRVS systems and their importance. (Video: 3:40)

Routine death statistics offer important data to identify new conditions and track success in reducing disease. Learn more from Prabhat Jha in this interview. (Video: 3:18)

Why register births, marriages, and deaths? Nadya Kassam provides the answers in this interview. (Video: 2:02)

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How to improve CRVS systems

Experts share their experiences and offer advice to help countries improve civil registration and vital statistics systems.

Discover the tools and techniques that can lead to stronger CRVS systems.

Discover the steps to building high-functioning civil registration and vital statistics systems in this interview with World Bank expert, Samuel Mills. (Video: 3:16)

Philip Setel of Vital Strategies, describes how verbal autopsy can improve policy-making and planning in developing countries. (Video: 4:42)

In this interview with Carla AbouZhar, learn about the need for government commitment, communication between ministries, and public trust to make CRVS systems work. (Video: 3:43)

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Case studies and successes in CRVS reform

Cambodia, New Zealand, Peru, Uganda, and others offer important lessons in strengthening civil registration and vital statistics systems.

These interviews feature innovative case studies that have led to new and improved CRVS approaches.

Find out how one Ugandan hospital allows new parents to leave with their child’s birth certificate in-hand. Gopalan Balagopal explains why this is an effective way to increase birth registration coverage. (Video: 4:13)

Botswana understands the value of strong CRVS systems. The country has successfully linked civil registration and ID management, and recognized the importance of having registration officers in hospitals. (Video: 2:53)

Learn how post-conflict Cambodia cleared civil registration backlogs by providing free, time-bound registration. (Video: 4:59)

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