Although economic growth has reduced poverty in much of Asia, rural and minority populations still endure hardship. The region also suffers from environmental depletion, growing informal employment, gender violence, and high maternal mortality. These pressures strain the infrastructure and fray human relations, ultimately hampering development.

Research focus

While governments need innovative policies based on solid research, the capability to provide these policies varies from country to country. That’s why IDRC fosters not just growth, but also equity.

To improve people’s lives in local communities, we support innovative researchers who are seeking solutions for Asia’s agricultural, environmental, technological, social, and economic issues.

Through our strategic investments, we’re helping local actors play a more effective role in solving regional challenges. The result? Strong local leaders not only for today, but for tomorrow.

Regional office

Our regional office for Asia is located in New Delhi, India. It serves development researchers and institutions in 18 countries.

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