Dharavi, Mumbai, India

Environmental pollution

Worldwide, thousands of different types of chemicals pose serious risks to human and ecosystems’ health.
Silings padddling to school

Collaboration in informal settlements: tackling flooding with a local perspective

In most developing countries, solid waste management is a significant challenge, especially in urban slums and other informal settlements.

Giving a voice to the urban poor: the scavengers of Cochabamba

For Bolivia’s urban poor, it’s vital to adopt "survival strategies” to provide supplemental income that makes up for precarious and low wages.
A worker from Caritas Homabay is showing local residents beans in Africa

Scaling Science

A new model for optimizing the impact of research and innovation
An Indian female entrepreneur is holding a meeting

Courts — not kinship — offer greater opportunity for South Asian entrepreneurs

Women and people from marginalized populations need well-functioning courts to realize their potential, research in Bangladesh and India has found.
A view of Bidi Bidi refugee camp in northern Uganda.

Addressing maternal and child health in fragile contexts

Creative solutions can overcome barriers to access to health services in fragile contexts. 
A boy is playing piano

When the brain hits the right notes

Can music make us better at math? An Israeli-Canadian research team is trying to find out.     
Wilson Sauto, 38, a home based counsellor in Kamunhukamwe village, Nyanga.

Research findings are catalyst to nationwide HIV prevention trial in Botswana

New research into HIV prevention has led to a groundbreaking national trial for HIV prevention in Botswana.
Selam Asre, 28, gave birth to a baby girl by Caesarean section at the Merawi Primary Hospital.

Studying deaths can save lives

Knowing what is killing mothers and children in Ethiopia is vital — it will help save lives by ensuring that public health money is spent wisely.
Tunnel chamber


Unpacking the disruptive potential of blockchain technology for human development.