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This report describes the workshop process and progress; reflections on the 2008 health centre field visit experiences; a revised version of the Protocol for the RMIS project in Mozambique (Rede Moçambicana de Informação de Saúde); the intended and actual workshop programmes; the Outcome Mapping...

Tanzania has numerous trade agreements with China, and is China's largest aid recipient country in Africa. Loans or aid from China are not subjected to political conditions, as is often the case with Western countries. Most of the imports from Tanzania to China are primary commodities, while...

A summary of EEPSEA research report 2008-RR4 "Pollution Taxation in China: The Impact of Inspections" by Liguo Lin, c/o School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

The 'conflict trap' shows that countries experiencing conflicts are likely to have further conflicts. Costs of conflict have the potential to provide policy makers and donors with
information that clearly identifies areas that require attention in reconstruction, but also ensure that the...

Esta guía es un resumen de la seguridad mundial que brinda una gran cantidad
de información sobre los conflictos armados desde 1946. Presenta mapas de la
violencia política, las relaciones entre la pobreza y los conflictos, los ataques a los
derechos humanos – inclusive el uso...