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Children born to lndian surrogate mothers are stateless for the first few months of their lives because the country doesn't yet recognize surrogacy. The draft bill does not provide any avenue to resolve legal disputes with regard to surrogacy, especially those that relate to parentage,...

Most emerging diseases of humans originate in animals, and zoonotic emerging infectious diseases
(EIDs) threaten human, animal, and environment health. We report on a scoping study to assess actors,
linkages, priorities, and needs related to management of these diseases from the...

The level of economic development in China's western region is backward; the gap between the city and rural areas is large; and the development of services is less-driven by consumption demand. This report on research will be submitted to both the central and western regional government, for...

This paper seeks to surface the social implications of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for marginalized women in Thailand-Burma border as brought about by globalization and technological change. Many of the debates surrounding ICTs have been centered on technologies as drivers...

Este informe aborda las potencialidades y los obstáculos para la inserción de América Latina en las cadenas globales
de valor de servicios, en particular en los sectores de salud, servicios bancarios, investigación y desarrollo
(I+D), y servicios audiovisuales, analizando...