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Summer is finally here and we’ve compiled a list of publications for your summer reading list.
Women entrepreneurs face obstacles at every step of setting up their operations,
Economists and social scientists made a strong pitch for reducing expenditures on subsidies and introducing basic income for the people of India .

This book brings together the experiences and lessons learned from five civil society organizations (CSOs) whose work is related to the health of indigenous women in Mexico. While these CSOs work directly with communities and (intentionally or not) carry out advocacy activities, each...

PTCI has successfully built a reputation for excellence with its competitive recruitment and highly qualified graduates.
Unpaid care and domestic work are vital for family well-being, yet they are rarely valued or accounted for in the market economy. As women are the primary providers of care to children and the elderly.
Fostering entrepreneurship, and creating job opportunities for Universidad de los Andes and WEConnect International.
Sharing national and international experiences on the development of products and financial services targeted towards youth.

The concept of Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) focuses on health system efforts to improve equity in healthcare access, community empowerment, participation of marginalized groups, and actions on the social determinants of health. Despite its existence since the late 1970s, very few...

Implemented between 2012 and 2014, the non-contributory pension scheme targets the elderly in poor households in Ekiti state.