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Researchers from Vietnam and Canada are tackling poverty and malnutrition among women and children with fortified foods that use locally grown crops, local manufacturing facilities, and local distribution channels.
A marriage of scientific knowledge and traditional practice has led to the development of three highly nutritious, robust, and productive yellow potato varieties.
Over 43% of Kenya’s population remains food insecure and 46% live below the poverty line.
Smallholder farmers in Africa have shown in field trials how improved legume varieties, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, high-quality seeds, and fertilizers can increase yields, reduce production costs, and enhance nutrition.
The innovation will increase local production and opportunities to use these micronutrient-rich grains in healthy food products
Radio broadcasts, text messaging, and phone apps are providing more farmers with the information and market linkages needed to adopt technologies that increase their productivity and improve nutrition in their communities.
Livestock production is a critical industry in Africa, providing food and animal products for local use and export.
Identifying solutions for women’s double work burden.

This final report is the culmination of two Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF) projects carried out in Cambodia spanning six years, aiming "to improve household food security and nutrition outcomes, livelihoods, and women's empowerment through an enhanced homestead food...

This successful project reduces food insecurity and chronic malnutrition among women and children in three provinces in northern Vietnam (Lao Cai, Lai Chau, and Ha Giang). Adopting a food systems approach it has integrated multiple project elements while partnering with the private sector to...