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Background: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is a global
commitment that must be realized by all countries by 2015,
to accelerate the goal then the health ministries of Bantuan
Operasional Kesehatan (BOK) in helping the distric implement
appropriate health services by...

"El acceso a los recursos energéticos y el acceso a los recursos hídricos están interconectados y ambos temas son cruciales para el fortalecimiento de la capacidad de adaptación al cambio climático. A pesar de la creciente investigación sobre la relación entre cambio climático y recursos...

Background: Currently, there are 1.2 billion smokers in the world, 80 percent of whom live in low-income countries and medium. Without prevention efforts in reducing cigarette consumption, the WHO predicts in 2025 the number of smokers will rise to 1.6 billion. Indonesia is the fifth in the...

This paper documents experiences in managing a virtual platform for the KEDLAP (Knowledge for Effective Development Learning and Practice) program in Latin America. It illustrates the importance of embedding the Virtual Platform (VP) objectives, functions and supporting tools within a wider...

This paper examines findings from two surveys of 10110 university students conducted in South Africa in 2004 and 2007. We report on the differences between male and females students access to and use of ICTs for learning. In particular we note that whilst equal opportunities do largely exist for...

The Policy Forum allows health policy makers
around the world to discuss challenges and
opportunities for improving health care in their societies.