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Educational frameworks that leverage the value of ICTs need to be developed. Except for African based initiatives such as those of the Association of African Universities, African virtual Universities, and UbuntuNet Alliance, there are few advocacies that match the need for technology and...

Background: National health insurance is starting in 2014 to
gradually move towards Universal Health Coverage. The
program should make access health services easier for the
community. However limited number of health care givers, a
vast population and difficult...

The radio show was directed to a peasant audience, especially women in rural areas and broadcast through radio Inti Raymi, a station with major outreach in rural areas of Cusco. It aimed at establishing a horizontal dialogue between traditional, local and expert knowledge while provoking...

The Nigeria Evidence-based Health System Initiative (NEHSI) aimed at improving the health information system and building capacity to use evidence-based research for health services planning, with efficient allocation of resources. Social Audit evidence has been used in the development of the...

Bangkok and outlying areas are experiencing a need to protect its people, natural and man-made resources and productive capacities in response to the impact of climate change and increasing numbers of extreme weather patterns and events. In particular, due to the 'three waters' of runoff, rain...

The Background: National health assurance program aims
to facilitate community access to quality health services. Health
financing toward Universal Coverage is a good breakthrough
but it can cause negative effects in the form of injustice.
Availability of health...

We explore the effects of the growing urbanization of rural areas in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico and investigate whether
the presence of small- and medium-sized cities within rural–urban territories enhances economic growth and reduces poverty and income
inequality compared to deep-...