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How an IDRC-funded project is helping a part of the North African country innovate to weather the effects of a changing climate.
The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, the Honourable Joseph Kamara, Attorney General of Sierra Leone, and CBC’s National Parliamentary Bureau reporter Alison Crawford, joined IDRC on June 16, 2016, for a conversation exploring the challenges and solutions of bringing access to justice to scale.

This series of case studies emerged from an action-research project entitled Developing Evaluation and Communication Capacity in Information Society Research (DECI-2). The predecessor Developing Evaluation Capacity in ICTD (DECI-1) project focused only on evaluation mentoring in Asia. The...

This research produced new knowledge towards the creation of an education model for building health care capacity in marginalized communities in Kenya, and developed a new Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Community Health Education (CHE). Community health professionals in resource poor...

Given that human rights primarily bind States rather than private actors, the conceptual framework for the human rights responsibilities of private sector companies is only starting to be developed. The project aim was to explore how private sector online intermediaries (such as PayPal, Mozilla...

In this study, a team of local researchers finds that non-farm income can protect against external
shocks and help finance farm investment but at the cost of reduced family farm labor. Based on
these results, the team outlines several recommendations to target the negative tradeoffs...

In Honduras, where Chagas disease is a serious health and environmental concern, prevention
measures face the challenge of achieving widespread and long-term sustainable adoption by communities. The
article integrates social network analysis and a gender-sensitive approach to...

African researchers measure labor productivity in staple crops, high value crops, and non-farm
activities and explain how productivity gaps affect income diversification in Uganda and Nigeria

The East African Community's young people are finding it increasingly difficult to find decent employment.