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Research and Development (R&D) financing is almost 50% provided by foreign sources/donors and there is tension regarding the focus on research as opposed to teaching or innovation. This report centres largely on the R&D situation post 2013, following a thorough overview of the Senegalese...

The Malayalis Tribe, a Scheduled Tribe of the Kolli Hills in southern India, has experienced a decrease in the variety of foods consumed in the past 20 years. It is important to understand these changes in dietary patterns to inform future interventions to improve dietary diversity. This study...

Reflecting on the role of social science researchers and editors, Patrick Bond argues that academics need to address their own subjectivities. He highlights the class, race, gender and language privileges of the academic field, and argues that accountability systems need to be negotiated.

A first association mapping experiment was conducted in Solanum tuberosum Group Phureja germplasm, which identified among 29 candidates two genes associated with quantitative resistance to late blight. Potato crop late blight is caused by the oomycete Phytophthora infestans. Quantitative disease...

This study investigates the efficacy of hermetic storage technology in reduction of mycotoxins contamination of maize grain, and hence the reduction in exposure of humans to these toxins. The effectiveness of the hermetic technology (hermetic metal silo and hermetic grain bag) was demonstrated...

The project intended to assess interactive radio as a means to communicate research findings directly to farmers and end-users. Results show that radio is an effective and efficient means for scaling out improved agricultural practices to farmers and audiences, improving knowledge and...

IDRC-supported projects and impact have continued to grow since the Centre’s initial focus on small grants in 1994.
Taxation policy is one of the most powerful tools governments can employ to reduce smoking-related illnesses and death.
A Canadian virologist created a breakthrough five-in-one livestock vaccine that could transform the lives of millions in Africa and beyond.
As a learning specialist for the RCMP, Michelle Savard was tasked with completing a needs analysis for police peacekeepers deploying on UN missions.