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More than one billion people over the last five years have become new Internet users. Digital connectivity was once confined to economically prosperous parts of the world, but now Internet users make up a majority of the world’s population. In this book, contributors from a range of disciplines...

Innovative franchise model brings supplies, knowledge, jobs, and profits to rural farming communities.
New technologies, behavioural interventions, and changes in social norms can address gender barriers to financial inclusion.
Transforming an underused resource into profitable industries that alleviate poverty and improve food security.
Radio and mobile apps link farmers to information, services, financing, and markets.
Mass-produced iron-boosting salt is improving the health of millions of women and children.
Nearly 340,000 farmers are demonstrating the business case for growing and processing more indigenous vegetables.
Tackling poverty and malnutrition starts with local crops, local processing, and local distribution.
“Green nanotech” offers a natural way to extend harvests and shelf life for soft fruits.
Commercial production to begin soon on game-changing vaccine for livestock lung disease.