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Illegal trading and the violence that can accompany it is a scourge along Latin America’s borders, but researchers from across the region are working together to find ways to combat the problem.
Innovative interventions to improve maternal and child health in Nigeria were the focus of a workshop in Abuja on September 21, 2016. Nigeria has the second highest absolute number of maternal deaths and perinatal deaths in the world, contributing to approximately 15% of all maternal deaths worldwide.
Pakistan is the most rapidly urbanizing country in South Asia, with its urban population growing 3.3% annually.
Fifteen research teams have tested the effectiveness of urban violence reduction theories, strategies, and interventions, in addition to researching key knowledge gaps.
Across the global South, urban violence is an increasing concern. Rapid urbanization, weak city governance, and social inequalities have led to marginalization, concentrating the highest levels of violence in historically-disadvantaged areas within urban centres.
Poverty and income inequality are often cited as drivers of violent crime.
Research led by Université Alassane Ouattara reveals how Côte d’Ivoire’s youth have emerged as victims and perpetrators of violent crime, and points to the measures that can offer them a brighter future.
As cities expand, climate change compounds the stress on poor communities already struggling with unplanned growth and limited municipal services.
IDRC supports Canada’s commitment to help millions of people in developing countries lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.
IDRC invests in applied research projects to develop and test innovative food security and nutrition solutions.