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As the agriculture community in Africa converges at the African Green Revolution Forum in Abidjan in September, I hope that we not only discuss what women can do for agriculture, but what agriculture, and we in the agriculture community can do to ensure that agriculture serves women, their families,
Published date: September 02, 2017
Author(s): Jemimah Njuki
Research can play a critical role in informing policies that foster gender equality.
Published date: August 17, 2017
Author(s): Arjan de Haan
Many echoed her sentiment, telling me they would not attend cervical screening due to the lack of accessible and affordable treatment options.
Published date: August 17, 2017
Author(s): Nomthandazo Malambo
Every line in a budget  affects women and girls differently than men and boys. This is why governments should practice “gender responsive budgeting.”
Published date: July 27, 2017
Author(s): Jemimah Njuki
The start of a journey.
Published date: July 24, 2017
Author(s): Peter Taylor
Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister for International Development and La Francophonie, announced an ambitious new approach to helping low- and middle-income countries: Canada’s first feminist International Assistance Policy.
Published date: July 14, 2017
Author(s): Jennifer Salahub
What does investing in women have to do with reducing post-harvest losses? Everything!
Published date: May 25, 2017
Author(s): Jemimah Njuki
While most women across Africa still have no legal rights to land, we have seen several countries make progress toward legal protection through land laws or constitutional changes.
Published date: May 16, 2017
Author(s): Jemimah Njuki
There is growing global consensus that societal inequalities are intensifying — and that this issue has become one of the major challenges of our time
Published date: May 15, 2017
Author(s): Jean Lebel
What are the major findings from the research happening in the three climate change hotspot areas?
Published date: May 09, 2017
Author(s): Bruce Currie-Alder