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Trade is an important part of a country’s development processes and a crucial aspect of the global integration that marked the second half of the 20th century.
Published date: December 20, 2017
Author(s): Arjan de Haan
Every day health-related decisions are made based on available data, yet gaps in data impede governments and development partners from planning and delivering effective social programs.
Published date: November 30, 2017
Author(s): Chaitali Sinha
Rose, an astute and driven business woman runs a “table banking” operation in the heart of Nairobi.
Published date: November 30, 2017
Author(s): Martha Melesse, Jemimah Njuki
The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World sends a clear message that Zero Hunger is one of the greatest challenges we face on a global level.
Published date: November 23, 2017
Author(s): Delphine Larrousse, Laura Husak, Adrian Di Giovanni
In order to be heard, we must know our audience, including the ideas that interest them and the language they use to describe those ideas.
Published date: October 19, 2017
Author(s): Bruce Currie-Alder
Women around the world are underrepresented at both leadership and management levels — less than one-third of senior and middle-management positions are held by women.
Published date: September 06, 2017
Author(s): Shannon Sutton
As the agriculture community in Africa converges at the African Green Revolution Forum in Abidjan in September, I hope that we not only discuss what women can do for agriculture, but what agriculture, and we in the agriculture community can do to ensure that agriculture serves women, their families,
Published date: September 02, 2017
Author(s): Jemimah Njuki
Research can play a critical role in informing policies that foster gender equality.
Published date: August 17, 2017
Author(s): Arjan de Haan
Many echoed her sentiment, telling me they would not attend cervical screening due to the lack of accessible and affordable treatment options.
Published date: August 17, 2017
Author(s): Nomthandazo Malambo
Every line in a budget  affects women and girls differently than men and boys. This is why governments should practice “gender responsive budgeting.”
Published date: July 27, 2017
Author(s): Jemimah Njuki