Robert Hofstede presenting at COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco


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What does investing in women have to do with reducing post-harvest losses? Everything!
Published date: May 25, 2017
Author(s): Jemimah Njuki
There is growing global consensus that societal inequalities are intensifying — and that this issue has become one of the major challenges of our time
Published date: May 15, 2017
Author(s): Jean Lebel
When the world's richest eight people hold as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the global population, we have a problem.
Published date: May 03, 2017
Author(s): Arjan de Haan
A number of efforts are currently underway to highlight how policy research institutions can make a real difference through contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Published date: March 30, 2017
Author(s): Peter Taylor
In Malawi, for example, rural women are spending on average 9.1 hours per week fetching water and firewood.
Published date: March 27, 2017
Author(s): Jemimah Njuki
In many countries in the developing world, people have little access to justice.
Published date: March 07, 2017
Author(s): Adrian Di Giovanni, Gloria Song
Ending economic inequality is one of the biggest policy challenges today. The key is generating solutions backed by solid evidence.
Published date: January 20, 2017
Author(s): Jean Lebel
Over the past two decades, Canada has turned pulses from a low-production crop into a key agricultural product.
Published date: January 17, 2017
Author(s): Laura Husak
Published date: December 20, 2016
Author(s): Shadi Saleh, Chaitali Sinha
The launch of the first ever United Nations High-Level Panel for Women’s Economic Empowerment in January 2016 has opened a door for think tanks and other research institutions to share evidence on what helps to grow female entrepreneurship.
Published date: September 22, 2016
Author(s): Alejandra Vargas Garcia