We are committed to improving lives and livelihoods by supporting research that addresses critical international development issues. One of the important ways that IDRC and our grantees help to bring about positive change is through our publications, where we share research findings with other researchers, policymakers, and communities globally.

Explore our collection from the last 25 years below. Hundreds of other books, published between the 1970s and the 1990s, are available through the IDRC Digital Library.


Book Cover: Adoption and Impact of OER in the Global South

Education in the Global South faces several key interrelated challenges for which open educational resources (OER) are seen to be part of the solution.

Editor(s): Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams and Patricia B. Arinto
Publisher(s): African Minds, University of Cape Town (ROER4D), IDRC
ISBN: 9781928331483
Book Cover of in_focus - Healthy Lives for Vulnerable Women and Children

Tremendous challenges remain to ensure that the most vulnerable populations, including women, children, and adolescents, are able to enjoy the healthy lives and well-being promised in the Sustainab

Publisher(s): IDRC
ISBN: 9781552506011
Book cover: Entre el activismo y la intervención

This book brings together the experiences and lessons learned from five civil society organizations (CSOs) whose work is related to the health of indigenous women in Mexico.

Editor(s): Clara Juárez Ramírez, Felipe J. Hevia de la Jara, Ana E. López Ricoy and Laura G. Freyermuth Joffre
Publisher(s): Alternativas y Capacidades A.C., Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social, IDRC
ISBN: 9786079586836
Revitalizing Health for All Book Cover

The concept of Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) focuses on health system efforts to improve equity in healthcare access, community empowerment, participation of marginalized groups, and act

Editor(s): Ronald Labonté, David Saunders, Corinne Packer, and Nikki Schaay
Publisher(s): University of Toronto Press, IDRC
ISBN: 9781487521622
Book Cover: Putting knowledge to work

Dramatic changes in the ecosystem for international development are now pressing civil society organizations (CSOs) to invest more in knowledge to remain significant players.

Editor(s): Luc J.A. Mougeot
Publisher(s): Practical Action Publishing, IDRC
ISBN: 9781780449586
Book cover: Transforming Gender and Food Security in the Global South

Drawing on studies from Africa, Asia, and South America, this book provides empirical evidence and conceptual explorations of the gendered dimensions of food security.

Editor(s): Jemimah Njuki, John R. Parkins, and Amy Kaler
Publisher(s): Routledge, IDRC
ISBN: 9781138680418
Book cover: Réglementation et supervision des institutions de microfinance en Afrique centrale

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) work with a client base that is for the most part excluded from the formal banking system.

Editor(s): Elias T. Ayuk and Georges Kobou
Publisher(s): IDRC
ISBN: 978-1-55250-591-5
Building and Evaluating Research Capacity

There have been many calls internationally over the past decade to strengthen, support, and sustain research capacity in lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Research capacity is considered

Editor(s): Nancy Edwards, Dan C. Owino Kaseje, and Eulalia Kokuangisa Kahwa
Publisher(s): UCT Press, IDRC
ISBN: 9781775822073
Use of Mobile Phones by the Rural Poor Book Cover

Mobile phones have been shown (though not uniformly) to contribute positively to rural development in many ways, from reducing information asymmetry, to improving functional networks, to increasing

Editor(s): Gerard Sylvester
Publisher(s): LIRNEasia, FAO, IDRC
ISBN: 9789251091456
Book cover Evaluation in the Extreme

Editor(s): Kenneth Bush and Colleen Duggan
Publisher(s): SAGE Publications, IDRC
ISBN: 9789351503941