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Zimbabwe’s data on poverty part of Southern African poverty reduction efforts

June 15, 2016

Zimbabwe continues to experience high levels of poverty and unemployment. IDRC is supporting the University of Zimbabwe’s Institute of Environmental Studies (IES) as it explores the multiple dimensions of the country’s challenges and generates debates and ideas for reconstruction and development. The project research team conducted a baseline survey on poverty, well-being, and inequality in Zimbabwe, and worked to build the capacity of the IES’s own researchers and their contribution to Zimbabwe’s recovery and growth.

Recent results

The project’s survey data and indicators were used in Zimbabwe’s contribution to the May 2012 South African Development Community (SADC) Poverty Observatory Steering Committee Meeting. The meeting subsequently produced a Regional Poverty Reduction Framework and draft SADC indicators for tracking poverty and living conditions.

Project leader Dr. Jeanette Majengwa has been appointed to a multi-stakeholder national committee for poverty reduction by the government, in recognition of the new knowledge on poverty generated by the IES research.

In September, IES hosted a roundtable with government ministers and international donors where the results of the poverty survey were summarized and shared. The full survey will be released in December 2012.

Visit the project website for more information​.​