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Zero Hidden Hunger: From Nariño to Colombia

May 4, 2016

The potato is a staple of the local diet in Colombia. Government meal programs include yellow potatoes twice a week and white potatoes three times a week. In Nariño 25% of children under five years of age suffer from iron and zinc deficiency. The Universidad Nacional de Colombia has developed three new varieties of yellow potato with higher iron and zinc levels. The inclusion of the improved potatoes in food programs can increase micronutrient intake and reduce hidden hunger in many children.

Read the policy brief: Zero Hidden Hunger: From Nariño to Colombia (PDF, 848 KB).

Hambre oculta cero: de Nariño para Colombia (Spanish, PDF, 806 KB)

This document is part of the Stories of Change series that shares some of the emerging outcomes from research supported in Latin America and the Caribbean by the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund, a program of Canada's International Development Research Centre, undertaken with financial support from the Government of Canada, provided through Global Affairs Canada.