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Urbanization, climate change put water security at risk

June 22, 2016

Located between urban and rural jurisdictions, peri-urban regions have distinct environmental, social, and institutional characteristics. Peri-urban regions are often in a state of transition due to contested land use. Increasingly, residents of peri-urban areas are facing water insecurity as a result of rapid urbanizaion and the impacts of climate change.

Vishal Narain discusses the issue of water security in his paper, Periurban water security in a context of urbanization and climate change: A review of concepts and relationships (PDF, 228KB). He seeks to contribute to a shared understanding of the core concepts related to water security in a peri-urban context.  Narain calls for a key research agenda to identify who are the most vulnerable to water insecurity in peri-urban regions, and how these vulnerabilities can be reduced.

This paper is a result of a project supported by IDRC’s Climate Change and Water program, Water Security in Peri-Urban South Asia: Adapting to Climate Change and Urbanization.You'll find more results from this project listed below.

Watch an interview with researcher Vishal Narain:

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