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Why scaling science?

For IDRC, “scaling impact” implies optimizing results in ways that will matter to people and our planet. By critically reflecting on how we can make the most of our investments in research and scale up our impact, we have learned that there is no single approach or method to make this happen.

Scaling science is borne of the belief that we can be more systematic and scientific about the way we scale, and that by doing so we increase the likelihood that our research will effect meaningful change. Scaling science is about scaling the positive impacts of innovation while carefully studying how scaling unfolds.

IDRC did not invent the scaling science concept; it is a description of the creativity and imagination of the innovators we have worked with and our reflections on their work.

Learn more about scaling for meaningful change, in a new and open access book.

Scaling Impact: Innovation for the Public Good

by Robert McLean and John Gargani (Routledge/IDRC, 2019)  

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Read our feature article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review

Scaling Science

by John Gargani and Robert McLean (SSIR, 2017)




In 2016 we convened a meeting of international partners to discuss the issue of scale and scaling at the American Evaluation Association national conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Learn more about these conversations in our Special Meeting Report. 

Scaling Science iconSpecial Meeting Report (IDRC, 2016)

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