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Empowering women to tackle cattle lung disease

June 6, 2016

Kenyan and Canadian researchers are introducing a new vaccine against cattle lung disease and actively involving Somali women livestock keepers in the vaccine development process. While Somali women play a key role in cattle rearing, only men tend to engage in disease control programs. Together all players are ensuring maximum adoption to improve cattle health and farmers' livelihoods.

The research team is using novel, modern, molecular biology technologies. They are developing a stable, safe, and effective vaccine that can be used by small-scale livestock keepers, including women. An important part of the team, Kenyan women scientists are being trained on new, cutting edge technologies in Canada.

Read the story of change: Empowering women to tackle cattle lung disease (PDF, 587KB)

This document is one of nine in a Stories of Change series that shares some of the emerging gender outcomes from research supported in sub-Saharan Africa by the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF). Produced by WRENmedia in March 2014.