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Creating sustainable campuses: Sharing knowledge between Canada and Mexico

June 2, 2016

One important challenge facing post-secondary institutions today is how to transform themselves into agents of sustainability. In the last decade, a number of initiatives in Canada set out strategies and forums to share experiences and best practices and to advance teaching and research for social and environmental sustainability. But few of these provided an opportunity to engage with institutions in developing countries.

With support from IDRC, Dawson College in Montréal, Canada, partnered with Ciudades Verdes S.C. in Mexico to develop tools, mechanisms, and an adaptable model to further North-South collaboration for sustainability in education.

As part of the Sustainable Campuses: Sharing our Knowledge for Social and Environmental Sustainability project, students and faculty from the two partners and two additional Mexican post-secondary institutions visited each other’s campuses and exchanged ideas and knowledge on such key issues as organizational structure, environmental education, and project design and management.

The research team produced a manual for use by other post-secondary institutions engaged or interested in campus sustainability and highlighted the key elements to reduce the ecological footprint and improve environmental performance and teaching.

Read the  project report, Sustainable Campuses: Sharing our Knowledge for Social and Environmental Sustainability (PDF, 3.45 MB)