Asia Research News 2015 features IDRC-funded projects

March 09, 2015

​From adapting to climate change in the Himalayas to improving maternal health care for women in Vietnam, exploring how to defuse violence in Pakistani cities, or building new skills for better jobs in Bangladesh, the 2015 edition of Asia Research News provides a snapshot of IDRC-funded research in Asia.

The flagship annual publication of ResearchSEA highlights innovative research under way across Asia. The magazine is part of ResearchSEA’s efforts to bring research and experts in Asia to the attention of the international media and research community.

Since its launch in 2009, Asia Research News has featured almost 40 IDRC-supported projects. 

Read about the seven initiatives featured this year:

Adapting to climate change in the Himalayas

An international research consortium aims to equip Himalayan communities with the skills and knowledge needed to address climate change. (Page 8; PDF, 300 KB)

Boosting yields and improving livelihoods on terrace farms

An international team of researchers is developing sustainable agriculture kits to enhance crop yields, nutrition, and incomes for hillside farmers in Nepal. (Page 14; PDF, 250 KB)

Protecting food, energy and livelihoods in Punjab

Researchers are working with Punjabi farmers to test innovations that will reduce pressure on overused aquifers. (Page 16; PDF, 240 KB)

Building maternal health in Vietnam

Researchers are harnessing mobile phone technology to provide ethnic minority women in Vietnam with crucial information about pregnancy, birth, and infant care. (Page 32; PDF, 200 KB)

Strengthening governance through open data

A research network is exploring how open data can help address specific challenges and bring about positive change in developing countries. (Page 41; PDF, 280 KB)


Building new skills for better jobs in Bangladesh

Research teams are examining Bangladesh’s rural-to-urban transformation to help the country move beyond low-skill jobs toward a high-skill economy. (Page 42; PDF, 215 KB)

Defusing violence and vulnerability in Pakistan

Researchers studying how gender roles contribute to different types of violence in Pakistani cities aim to identify solutions and share them widely. (Page 45; PDF, 300 KB)

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