Violence Prevention, Access to Justice, and Economic Empowerment of Women in Latin America

This project will identify and analyze economic opportunity policies and practices that aim to support women in Latin America by preventing violence, increasing access to justice, and empowering them economically. Women and inequality in Latin America Women's economic empowerment and the reduction of violence against women have become urgent priorities in the political and social agendas of Latin American countries. This is particularly true given the deep socio-economic inequalities and the alarmingly high levels of violence that women face. These problems are deeply rooted. They need complex policy approaches and practices. Economic opportunities and violence Governments have increasingly introduced special programs and policies to increase women's economic opportunities and to prevent violence against women. Researchers are gathering knowledge on what works and what does not work to address the issues. There is a huge evidence gap regarding the complex relationship between economic empowerment and the reduction of violence against women. Although governments, international aid organizations, and civil society actors believe that economic opportunity programs are effective at reducing violence against women, there is no solid evidence base for this causal link. It is important to understand and analyze whether economic projects, particularly those that claim to prevent violence against women, result in new forms of violence. Solutions to empower women, reduce violence Researchers will identify and analyze interventions in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. They will assess the impact of efforts on: -preventing violence against women -reducing victimization -improving women's access to justice The results will guide governments, civil society organizations, and international cooperation agencies as they develop and implement policies and programs.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019


24 months

IDRC Officer

Markus Gottsbacher

Total funding

CA$ 600,000


Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru


Governance and Justice

Project Leader

Veronica Martinez Solares


Equidad de Género: Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia, A.C.

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