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Strengthening the Economic Committee of the National Assembly in Vietnam: Phase 2

Since the liberalization of the Vietnamese economy in 1986, the country has made significant gains in economic growth and poverty reduction. However, Vietnam has also experienced bouts of macroeconomic instability, increased inequality, and vulnerability due to structural weaknesses. The introduction of reforms in 2011 is expected to address these weaknesses, but the short-term economic and social costs are not well understood. This project aims to build knowledge and analytical capacity among Vietnamese policymakers and within key institutions involved in the policy-making process. In particular, it aims to strengthen the analytical capacity for evidence-based policy-making within Vietnam's Economic Committee of the National Assembly (ECNA). Leading policy researchers in Vietnam will collaborate with the ECNA in researching the impacts of economic restructuring on the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises and on labour market outcomes. They will analyze labour market concerns (especially employment and job and wage dynamics under transitional policy instruments) as well as policy impediments to enterprise development. The project's findings will raise awareness among ECNA members and policymakers in the National Assembly of Vietnam on the importance of integrating inclusive growth into macroeconomic policy-making and oversight. Additionally, the project will strengthen the information base of the ECNA and data collected by other specialized agencies (such as the General Statistical Office) in order to improve data systems and their use by policymakers in implementing reforms.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
36 months
IDRC Officer
Edgard Rodriguez
Total Funding
CA$ 355,000.00
Viet Nam
Employment and Growth
Employment and Growth
Institution Country
Viet Nam
Project Leader
Nguyen Xuan Thang
Centre for Analysis and Forecasting