Strategies to Improve the Quality of Health Care - Learning from Experiences in Uruguay and Chile

Improving access to primary health care and the quality of services in Latin American countries is urgently needed to address high health inequities in the region. Lessons learned from two successful campaigns promoting maternal and child health in Chile and Uruguay could provide insights for further health reforms and improved service delivery across the region.

Better access to primary health care and service delivery in Latin America is urgently needed to address high health inequities in the region. This involves implementing reforms, such as those undertaken in Uruguay and Chile where programs such as "Good food and nutrition practices" and "Chile grows with you" focused on improving maternal and child primary healthcare."

This research aims to identify and share those programs' success factors. Researchers in each country will examine how the programs addressed maternal and child health, focusing on their design and implementation. Teams will also conduct a comparative analysis of the framework guiding their respective policies and systems.

Results will be disseminated at regional and national levels, encouraging reflection and discussion among various stakeholders. Findings will also inform program development and policy-making for greater health equity in the region. Two universities are working with a team of researchers that includes graduate level students in Chile and Uruguay.

Expected outcomes include reports that will be shared widely in hopes of scaling up the programs, and making any needed refinements to the reforms in Uruguay and Chile. Better collaboration among researchers and decision-makers within and between both countries is also expected. This will help build capacity for and raise interest in this kind of research.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


24 months

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Sinha, Chaitali

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CA$ 161,500


Chile, South America, Uruguay, North and Central America, West Indies


Maternal and Child Health

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María Cecilia Severi


Fundación Manuel Pérez

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Eduardo Atalah Samur


Fundación para estudios biomédicos avanzados de la Facultad de Medicina

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